Vedic Mantras and Pujapath

Gems have wonderful power to mitigate the evil effects of planets and helps in curing diseases. But one has to choose correct gems in order to have benefits from them.

As our body is composed of cosmic radiations. Electronic radiations from other planets produce cellular change in human body. In order to bring balance in cosmic radiations and to reduce the evil effects of certain planets, astral gems are used.
Gems are carefully selected for use to affect body beneficially through other measured radiations.

Gayatri Mantras
Ganesh Gayatri mantra
Aum Ekadantaya
Vidmahe Vakratundaya Dheemahi anno Danti Prachodayat.
Laxmi Gayatri mantra
Aum Mahalakshmaye Vidmahe Vishnu Priyaye Dhimahi anno Lakshmi Prachodayat
Saraswati Gayatri mantra
Aum Vagdevyai Cha Vedmahe Kamarajaya Dheemahi anno Devi Prachodayat.
Vishnu Gayatri mantra
Aum Narayananya
Vidmahe Vasudevaya Dheemahi Tanno Vishnuh Prachodayat
Krishna Gayatri mantra
Aum Devakinandanaya Vidmahe Vasudevaya Dheemahi Tannah Krishnah Prachodayat.
Shiva Gayatri mantra
Aum Tatpushaya
Vidmahe Sahasrakshaya Mahadevaya Deheemahi Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat.
Rama Gayatri mantra
Aum Dasarathaye
Vidmahe Sitavallabhaya Deheemahi Tanno Ramah Prachodayat.
Durga Gayatri mantra
Aum Katyayanyai
Vidmahe Kanyakumaryai Dheemahi Tanno Durga Parchodayat.
Hanuman Gayatri mantra
Aum Anjaneyaye
Vidmahe Mahabalaye Dhimahi Tanno Hanuman Prachodayat.
Surya Gayatri mantra
Aum Asva dhvajaya vidmahe pasa hastaya dhimahi tanno suryah prachodayat.
Chandra Gayatri mantra
Aum Nisakaraaya
vidmahe kalanaathaya dhimahi tanno Somah prachodayat.
Mangal Gayatri mantra
Aum Angarkaya
vidmahe bhoomipalaya dhimahi tanno gujah prachodayat.
Shani Gayatri mantra
Aum Sanaischaraya vidhamhe Sooryaputraya dhimahi tanno manda prachodayat.
Rahu Gayatri mantra
Aum Sookdantaya
vidmahe Ugraroopaya dhimahi tanno Rahu Prachodayat.
Ketu Gayatri mantra
Aum Chitravarnaya vidhmahe sarparoopaya dhimahi tanno ketu Prachodayat
Budha Gayatri mantra
Aum Budhagrahaya vidmahe Indu putraya dhimahi tanno somya prachodayat.
Guru Gayatri mantra
Aum Suraachaarya
Vidmahe Surasreshtaya dhimahi tanno guruh prachodayat.
Sukra Gayatri mantra
Aum Rajadabaaya
vidmahe Brigusuthaya dhimahi tanno sukrah prachodayat

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